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Exciting developments are happening in the City of Madera, California! New residents and businesses continue to locate and current Madera businesses have chosen our City as a place to expand operations enticed by the outstanding quality of life and business climate our City offers. Our City has attracted well known local, regional, and national companies making Madera, California the San Joaquin Valley's Address for Business Success.
The San Joaquin Valley is home to a rapidly expanding workforce as thousands of people move into the region on a monthly basis. Companies find the Community Development Department’s and Madera County Economic Development Commission’s business friendly approach as progressive and solution orientated including such attributes as:

  • Finding sites for your new locations
  • Assisting in the development of your small business
  • Expanding your existing business or industry
  • Locating financial resources
  • Developing and enhancing your company's physical and human capacity

New and expanding businesses see a direct benefit when making Madera their home including our willingness.  Major corporations such as Constellation Wines, Certainteed Corporation, Evapco West, Georgia Pacific Corporation, JBT FoodTech and many others find Madera a place to do business, evidence of our City’s pro-business environment.
As one of the more progressive cities of the modern and dynamic San Joaquin Valley, over the past 20 years the City has grown in an orderly and efficient manner due in part to the partnership between business and city leaders working together to build an ideal community that is conducive to business, the entrepreneurial spirit, and nationally recognized community amenities. With new residents and businesses moving to Madera each month, it is truly "A Place to Call Home".